Vite & Rêves

Jul 28, 2019 — 2 min read

Sailing the Catana 401 shows her to be very fast with frank accelerations. She is easy to handle, both under sail and with motors. The gentle steering and comfort make it possible to be at the helm for long hours without fatigue. Unquestionably, this boat is very lively, efficient and safe.

— from MultihullsWorld’s Catana 401 Review

Everything inside the boat is made of light but robust material to keep the boat as light as possible. There are three reefs in the main and the genoa is mounted on a furler. All the running rigging comes back to the cockpit: jib tacks, main sheet and halyard and reefs. There are five winches in the cockpit, three are electric. It is easy to handle the boat alone and it is very safe.

As soon as the wind reach 15-20 knots, we expect to sail between 9 and 12 knots depending on the wind direction. It is really fun and feels very safe. Being a catamaran, it stays flat and people on board can have a normal “flat” life. The cockpit is well protected and stays very dry.

We have had up to 50 knots wind in the Doro strait and always felt safe on board. We have sailed across the Adriatic sea with 40 knots wind and it was our fastest sail, top speed 20 knots surfing…

— from the previous owner

Vite & Rêves onder zeil
Vite & Rêves onder zeil
Vite & Rêves in de haven van Lavrion
Vite & Rêves in de haven van Lavrion
Vite & Rêves vooraanzicht
Vite & Rêves vooraanzicht
Vite & Rêves saloon
Vite & Rêves saloon


  • Overall length: 12.50 m
  • Waterline length: 12.00 m
  • Beam: 6.70 m
  • Light displacement: 6,200 kg
  • Draft: 0.70 - 2.00 m
  • Motors: 2 × 30CV
  • Water: 400 l
  • Desalinator: 500 l/d
  • Fuel: 200 l
  • Designer: Christophe Barreau