The End

Written by Pieter Jan on Aug 26, 2020 — 2 min read

From: Grenada
To: Belgium

The last two weeks were packed with uh… packing, doing the last boat projects, moving all of our stuff on land and finally cleaning the boat. Time ran out so fast and so suddenly that it left our heads spinning.

Suddenly you realize that that short sail in May was the last sail we ever did on Vite & Rêves. You realize that you will never see again some great friends, despite everyone’s full intention to do so. You realize that that one hug you so casually gave, was the last one. I imagine that’s how dying feels like, a bit.

We said goodbye to everyone we could, but not nearly enough. And then we left. Monday August 24th 2020, despite the sunny weather, was one of the darkest days in my life. A magnificent dream that ended way too soon. I can only hope it was just the end of a chapter, not the end of the book.

Planet Earth is truly gigantic. There is so much beauty and so many awesome people everywhere. It’s worth discovering. Because the real voyage of discovery consists not in seeing new landscapes, but in having new eyes.

Last view of Hog Island and Woburn Bay, Grenada
Last view of Hog Island and Woburn Bay, Grenada