So, What's Next?

Written by Pieter Jan on Jun 10, 2020 — 3 min read

At: Woburn Bay, Grenada

We got asked a few times already what our plans are now. As you know, the original plan was to sail to Australia and sell Vite & Rêves over there. But then Mother Nature released COVID19 and the overreaction of governments worldwide destroyed the dream. So it’s not going to happen anymore. Or is it?

Is that the future I see?
Is that the future I see?

The future is dark and unpredictable, but these are the options:

Sail back to Belgium

Taking the boat back to Europe is an option, although not something I would look forward to. It involves crossing the Atlantic in the ‘wrong direction’, having to actually mind the weather. It could be a beautiful experience though.

Pros Cons
It’s cheap We should leave now
Easier to sell Need crew
All our stuff comes with us Hard on the boat
It’s an experience We could sail into a hurricane and die
We can still sail her in Belgium Have to pay for berthing in Belgium
We can still live in it in Belgium

Have Vite & Rêves shipped to Belgium

Another possibility is to put Vite & Rêves on a huge transport vessel and have her shipped to Belgium. But honestly, why would we do that?

Pros Cons
Easier to sell Costs a shipload of money (€20.000+ !)
We can still sail her in Belgium Have to pay for berthing in Belgium
Safer than sailing home Not sailing home is cheating
All our stuff comes with us

Leave Vite & Rêves in Grenada

We could sail around here for a little longer, then put Vite & Rêves on the hard and sell her here. We fly back to Europe and somehow ship our stuff over too.

Pros Cons
We can still live for cheap here Leaving her on the hard costs a lot
We can still sail her here We have to ship our stuff to Belgium

Sail on

Sailing on, maybe after a break of a few months, is an option for us, but the kids would rather not. Can I convince them in time?

Pros Cons
Would make PJ & Barbara happy Would make the kids unhappy
Would make the dream happen Uncertain future regarding ease of traveling

So… what should we do? What would you do? Most sailing men we meet recoil wide-eyed in disbelief: “Don’t go back to fucking Belgium, mate!” Most sailing women we meet are very understanding about missing friends and family.

if you have related or other ideas. For the moment we’re inclined to leaving and selling Vite & Rêves here in Grenada. If you want to buy a magnificent Catana 401 to realize the dream for yourself, now is the time!