Siesta, Signore

Written by Pieter Jan on Oct 14, 2019 — 2 min read

At: Santa Maria di Leuca, Italy

Today would have been a good day for sailing. We were cleaning up the boat — okay, Barbara was cleaning up, I was doing computer stuff (the Vite & Rêves site has an now). Then we realized we had forgotten to go buy food.

We packed our shopping bags and were off in search of a supermarket.

The first supermarket we found was full of very fresh local products. It was also very closed. Siesta between 13:00 and 17:00. I looked at my clock: 13:05. Next supermarket: siesta between 13:00 and 17:30. Next one: siesta. Next one: siesta.

The fifth supermarket we found was open. Siesta between 13:30 and 17:30. The cashiers were already yawning in anticipation and looked a bit miffed when we came in. They made a gargantuan effort to stay awake while we tried to find our stuff in record time. We found the prosecco first, so all was well.

It’s the same everywhere. I tried to check out of the marina: siesta. Went back after a few hours: still siesta. When I went to the office in the evening, I was overjoyed to find somebody clicking away on a computer. He said: “The office is actually closed. Come back tomorrow.”

I get it — when it’s summer and it’s too hot to even move. But come on, it’s the middle of October. Midday temperature is a balmy 25 degrees centigrade, not a scorching 45. Besides, the sun sets at 18:00 and after sunset everyone here strolls the seafront promenade. How people get anything done here is beyond me.

Actually, now that I think about it, a few hours of peace and quiet would be an excellent way to get things done on the boat. Tomorrow I will teach my kids about this wonderful siesta concept.

Just when you're ready to do something productive
Just when you're ready to do something productive